A small donation goes a very long way in Tanzania.

  • 2.50 pays for a visit to a doctor
  • 15 provides a complete school uniform (including shoes) for a child
  • An orange is 10p
  • A pencil is 8p
  • Bar of soap 15p

We are enormously grateful for donations of any size. One-off gifts are wonderful; small monthly donations are even better because they help us to plan for the future more securely. We spend virtually nothing on administration, so all your money goes to the school or to UMIVITA. You can see how we spend it by continuing to visit this website or by signing up for regular updates.


Click on the above link to send money to us as a direct debit. Donating this way means that all of your money will go to supporting the deaf in Tanzania as there are no handling fees such as intermediaries like JustGiving charge to charities on donations made through them. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we get an extra 25 pence from HMRC. This helps your donation to go further and us to do more. Click here to open the Gift Aid form. For one-off donations – no matter how small or large – please contact our treasurer who will direct you (details below).

If you want to donate direct to us online via debit or credit card, please click here. CAF charge lower fees than JustGiving so if you want to donate online using a card we’d prefer it if you would use CAF. You’ll note that the website the CAF button takes you to looks a little old-fashioned: we’d like to reassure you that it is the real thing and it does work.

Our Treasurer’s address and email are:

John Middleton

Hon Treasurer

2 Yeomans Close

Bishop’s Stortford

Hertfordshire CM23 4EU

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