Tanzanear Appeal

We are thrilled at the success of our annual appeal the Buguruni Breakfast Club. Started in 2014, it helps provide all the children some food first thing in the morning. The teachers at Buguruni have noticed that the children are less sleepy in class and have more energy throughout the morning lessons. As a result of improvements to the children's health and alertness in class, we agreed to continue the Buguruni Breakfast Club as an annual initiative. But we need your help to make that happen!

Children at Buguruni get up at 5am to do chores if they live at school or to make the often long journey from home. They don't have any breakfast until 10am when they are served chai, which is basically black tea, very occasionally with soft buns if they have been donated. Any child who is not fed and nourished will be sleepy at school and consequently we know this affects their learning. So the Buguruni Breakfast Club allows us to give the children a healthy start to their day, mostly eating maize or rice porridge and at weekends eggs and bread. When we have any spare cash we include lots of fruit for added vitamins.

A donation of 20 will feed every child in the school; so why not sponsor a specific day (maybe your birthday or a Saint's Day) and know that on that day the children at the school are getting what we take for granted.

We aim to raise enough to support breakfast every single day including weekends as so many of the children board. Please help if you can, and spread the word. Contact Susan and she will email the details susanpym@yahoo.co.uk. Alternatively here is the link to the Appeal Form with all the detailsTanzanearAppealFrontpdffor the front information page andTanzanearAppeal2015for the Form you can print and send back to us. Many thanks.

Thank you!

Big mugs of porridge fill up little tummies

"Where's my porridge?" says Masoud

Chai - Black tea at 10am.
Chai - Black tea at 10am.

Chai - Black tea at 10am.