Alongside many generous individuals who kindly give their own money each month, our activities are supported by three organisations.

St Columba's Church, Church of Scotland

St Columba's Churchin London is part of the Church of Scotland. The congregation has taken Tanzanear to its collective heart, and their contributions have made a huge difference. This has taken two main forms. First, St Columba's have given extremely generous donations from Lenten Appeals in two separate years, which have enabled us to completely refurbish the girls' two-storey dormitory and the school dining room. And all profits from the Burns Night Supper held on January 20th 2013 went to Tanzanear, enabling us to start fixing the water supply and bring running water to the school again. Just as importantly, members of the congregation give their time. A team visited Buguruni to do the hard, grinding physical work of preparing the dormitory for refurbishment (including much cleaning of very hard-core loos), and many people sponsor a child. The letters, prayers and gifts that the children receive from their "Special Friend" really lift their spirits and make them realise that someone cares about them. The school tells us that the sponsored children's exam results are improving, and that's wonderful news. We are absolutely delighted by our partnership with St Columba's and we hope it continues.

Caring and Sharing East Sussex

TheCaring and Sharing schemewas founded in 1982 by the then-Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball. Its members seek to 'Live more simply, that others may simply live.'

The scheme is based on two ideas: firstly, that by making a small sacrifice in their day-to-day lives, members can assert their independence from material values; secondly, that the savings from this small sacrifice can provide the basic needs of life for others in poorer countries. The sacrifice members make need not be a major one, as its regularity enables it to grow in value over time. (As an example, the unit cost of one digestive biscuit is a few pence; but 5p per day amounts to more than 18 per year, which can make a significant difference to a person's life in Tanzania.) Sums like this, given regularly by many Carers, enable the organisation to send approximately 100,000 each year to its chosen projects.

Japanese church

Tanzanear is most grateful to theJapanese Anglican Church, NSKK, for financial help: they have already given a donation of around 1400 annually for over five years. Support like this, as with the vitally important regular funding we have received from Caring & Sharing East Sussex since Tanzanear was founded, enables us to plan ahead.