IMG_2943The Buguruni Breakfast Club where porridge, eggs or fruit are served every morning. This started as the Tanzanear 2014 Appeal and is now a vital part of the school day.



Because it is so hot in Dar es Salaam, the day starts early with litter pick-up and general cleaning, which the teachers and pupils do together.


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The school band starts playing assembly music and the children who can see the band from where they are summon the others. They line up in class rows for assembly, do some calisthenics, and sign the school prayer.



Lessons begin. Schooling in Tanzania is still based around 'chalk and talk' (learning by rote from the blackboard) - we hope that the school's partnership with Mary Hare School will help the teachers at Buguruni complement the traditional methods with more innovative and interactive learning.



Morning chai (tea and snacks). The children queue for milk-less tea and slices of bread and margarine. The sit and chat together, and if they have the equivalent of 5p they buy ice lollies.



Lessons start again.



Nursery pupils finish school.



Afternoon assembly. All other pupils except Standard 7 go home unless they are boarders. The boarders have lunch, which is nearly always ugali, a stiff porridge, and beans.

2pm onwards


The boarders change out of uniform, wash their clothes, play, sit and chat. S7 pupils have to do extra study, and there are sports and games.


Evening meal.


Lights out.