Welcome to our Annual General Meeting on 24 October, 2018

Dear friends of Tanzanear,

This year’s AGM will be held on 24th of October at 7pm, with light refreshments served from 6:30pm.

The venue is as usual St Columba on Pont Street, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BD. The meeting will take place in the Session Room which is at first floor level. 

If travelling by Tube take the Harrods exit at Knightsbridge station. Parking is metered.

We would love to see you there.

In the Sound Proofed Booth


image-3imageIt is a wonderful thing to see our sound proofed booth being used on a daily basis by the school audiologist Mr Shibanda and all the wonderful audiologists who travel out from Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. We are unbelievable fortunate to have their support and skills.image-2image-4  

We were absolutely jubilant when, in November 2014 the long awaited for sound proofed booth was released by Customs at the Port of Dar es Salaam. This has taken a mammoth effort, mainly by Judith, to get all the necessary paperwork approved. At last the truck rolled into the Buguruni school grounds and the men arrived to unpackage and erect the booth. We are very excited, as is Mr Shibanda our audiologist who will now be able to test children's hearing without the background noise of planes overhead and traffic in the road outside. We will post photos as soon as the booth is up and running.

10749957_761145770632317_6751070688003513174_o Great to see the men unpacking the sound proofed booth



In line for porridge at the Buguruni Breakfast Club


The Buguruni Breakfast Club launched early in January 2014 and what a difference it has made!  Thanks to our fantastic supporters and the Buguruni Breakfast Club Appeal we have been able to give all the children a healthy, filling breakfast every single morning of the year.  For children who are already undernourished this has seen a marked improvement in the energy elves and alertness in class. The teachers are happy - the children are happy. They love their porridge on weekday mornings and their eggs and bread at weekends. Surprisingly they are less keen on fruit but they know it gives them important extra vitamins. We have decided we can't just let the Buguruni Breakfast Club stop and so it is going to continue as our 2015 Appeal. Please contact Susan and she will email or post the details. susanpym@yahoo.co.uk    Alternatively you can click on the following links for the Information page of our Appeal leaflet or the Form which you can print off and sent back to us. Many thanks and here they are :-  TanzanearAppealFrontpdf    and  TanzanearAppeal2015

IMG_3565 Gorgeous Loulou with her porridge



Buguruni Breakfast Club


The Buguruni Breakfast Club Appeal 2014 is still going strong. We have managed to secure donations to cover every single day in 2014 and to all our supporters we say a massive "Thank you!"   As you will see from elsewhere on the website the Breakfast Club has made a huge difference to the healthy and well being of the children, capsule so much so we are going to continue it in 2015 with our Tanzanear Appeal 2015.  If you can help please email susanpym@yahoo.co.uk. You can find our 2015 Appeal leaflet and the Form to print out and fill in if you follow the following two links.

TanzanearAppealFrontpdf  for the Information page

TanzanearAppeal2015  for the Appeal Form

Watch out for more updates here or follow us on Facebook at Tanzanear and/or Twitter @tanzanear.  Thanks everyone


New audiology block taking shape!

Tanzanear’s key development objective for 2014 and beyond is to assist become a Centre of Excellence for the care of deaf children in Tanzania and a facility to reach out into the deaf community to provide support thorough diagnosis and on-going care. To achieve this we have begun a staged programme to create a specialist audiology centre at the school.  This will provide comprehensive treatment for pupils as well as facilities where deaf people of all ages can come and be assessed for hearing aids which are tailored to their needs, clinic fitted and maintained. Outline plans have been drawn and we estimate that the building will cost some $350, viagra sale 000 to complete. The first phase of this work is to build an ear mould laboratory and we are thrilled to say that we have secured funding for this phase. We are hugely grateful to the John Anthony Clark Charitable Trust (JAC Trust) for this funding.  As a consequence, work started just before Christmas on what will be both the renovation of existing buildings as well as the building of some new ones. The pictures show this work in action and we will keep you posted about our progress as well as with ways you can support this work financially. Anyone who can suggest Trusts we might apply to please contact us.


CYMERA_20140107_150234 CYMERA_20140107_150151 CYMERA_20140107_150116[1] CYMERA_20140107_150025 CYMERA_20140107_145959 CYMERA_20131213_172028[1] CYMERA_20131213_171954 CYMERA_20131213_171942 CYMERA_20131213_171910 CYMERA_20131213_171835 CYMERA_20131213_171807 CYMERA_20131213_171734



And here are pictures from the most recent refurbishment updates....

Buguruni classroom finished WINDOWS AND CEILING Buguruni classroom finished WINDOW FRAMES BARS AND SCREENING Buguruni classroom finished WINDOW FRAMES AND SCREENING Buguruni classroom finished INTERIOR CORNER Buguruni classroom finished BLACKBOARD

Welcome to our website!

We hope you enjoy looking at our website. It is packed full of  news, price stories, purchase pictures and all the exciting developments we constantly see at the Buguruni school and our charity, Tanzanear. Our constantly changing @tanzanear twitter feed appears on the website as does our Facebook page. So many places to hear good news about Tanzanear and Buguruni School. So why not dip right in and find out about all the great things going on at Buguruni. Here are some photos to give you a better sense of life at the school.

Queuing for Chai at 10am. In the queue for the Buguruni Breakfast Club.

IMG_3083 A big mug of maize porridge fills up tummies.

IMG_3549 Hearing test being carried out by professional audiologists volunteering at Buguruni School

P1000833 Scottish Country dancing lessons with the Caledonian Society

P1000818 Margrethe, a favourite weekly volunteer.

Update from Umivita for Summer 2014

Rahim and Tungi who run UMIVITA, viagra dosage our NGO have been doing some really important work in recent months - assessing the suitability of secondary schools in Tanzania to take the graduates (those who pass Standard 7 exams) from Buguruni School. This work is particularly important now as 13 students passed the exam in 2013. Rahim tells us "This month we visited three secondary schools in Iringa, sale Njombe and Tanga regions, Njombe Lutheran, Iringa Girls High and Mlingaro secondary. The benefits of these visits are to provide advice for deaf students and their parents which might give their lives a whole new direction. It will also create greater collaboration between the schools and students and we hope that some of the graduates will become future UMIVITA leaders.