We have helped Buguruni School for the Deaf to build great relationships with three other schools:

International School of Tanganyika

International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam, has been a very kind friend to Buguruni School. Teachers have organised play days for the children at each school to visit each other, the Buguruni School band has played IST, and the senior art class at IST is creating an alphabet mural for Buguruni.

Mary Hare School

Mary Hare Schoolis a school for deaf pupils in England. We have a partnership with Mary Hare which started long ago, and has recently been strengthened through a school exchange programme funded by the UK Department for International Development and the British Council. Two teachers from Mary Hare visited Buguruni in June 2009, and in November last year Matilda Ngonyani and Judith Kaneno, who teach at Buguruni, spent two weeks at Mary Hare (photos and report to follow soon). Judith and Nigel Roberts, Tanzanear committee members, are governors at Mary Hare; Hamish, their son, is an alumnus of the school and volunteered at Buguruni for four months last year. Parents and teachers at the school have also been extremely generous fundraisers for Buguruni.

St Edmund's Catholic School

St Edmund's Catholic Schoolis a school for the performing arts in Dover. The Executive Head, Chris Atkin, used to be Lucy Carter's (Tanzanear committee chair)maths teachers in secondary school. Lucy helped arrange for a group of twelve sixth-form volunteers to spend three weeks at Buguruni creating a summer school for the pupils. St Edmund's worked hard and fundraised a lot of money to make the visit a success, and we look forward to seeing the relationship blossom further in the future. Photos should follow soon!