In line for porridge at the Buguruni Breakfast Club


The Buguruni Breakfast Club launched early in January 2014 and what a difference it has made!  Thanks to our fantastic supporters and the Buguruni Breakfast Club Appeal we have been able to give all the children a healthy, filling breakfast every single morning of the year.  For children who are already undernourished this has seen a marked improvement in the energy elves and alertness in class. The teachers are happy - the children are happy. They love their porridge on weekday mornings and their eggs and bread at weekends. Surprisingly they are less keen on fruit but they know it gives them important extra vitamins. We have decided we can't just let the Buguruni Breakfast Club stop and so it is going to continue as our 2015 Appeal. Please contact Susan and she will email or post the details.    Alternatively you can click on the following links for the Information page of our Appeal leaflet or the Form which you can print off and sent back to us. Many thanks and here they are :-  TanzanearAppealFrontpdf    and  TanzanearAppeal2015

IMG_3565 Gorgeous Loulou with her porridge