Welcome to our website!

We hope you enjoy looking at our website. It is packed full of  news, price stories, purchase pictures and all the exciting developments we constantly see at the Buguruni school and our charity, Tanzanear. Our constantly changing @tanzanear twitter feed appears on the website as does our Facebook page. So many places to hear good news about Tanzanear and Buguruni School. So why not dip right in and find out about all the great things going on at Buguruni. Here are some photos to give you a better sense of life at the school.

Queuing for Chai at 10am. In the queue for the Buguruni Breakfast Club.

IMG_3083 A big mug of maize porridge fills up tummies.

IMG_3549 Hearing test being carried out by professional audiologists volunteering at Buguruni School

P1000833 Scottish Country dancing lessons with the Caledonian Society

P1000818 Margrethe, a favourite weekly volunteer.